How to record your career achievements

How to Record Your Career Achievements

One of the tips we suggest in our free guide ’12 Insider Secrets To Getting Promoted’ is to keep a record of your career achievements on a monthly basis. By doing this you will be super prepared to apply for the next management role that comes up either within your organisation or outside it.

So to help you out with recording your cool results we’ve gone ahead and created a template that you can access online via Google Sheets. This template is going to make it super easy for you to frequently make a note of the results you achieve as they happen!

Here is your free Career Achievements Template.

Once you open the link just click ‘File’ and then ‘Make A Copy’ so that you can enter your own data and save for your records. The file will then only be accessible by you.

Then just ‘Bookmark’ the url for easy access next time!


Jon Gardner
Founder, Study Compass